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 About our SMS System Solution
We are a Global SMS Platform Provider specialized in providing SMS Solutions for companies worldwide to enhance SMS Business thru SMS communication especially with 3 Way SMS.Hence we have developed a 3 Way SMS A-Best solution for this purpose.
We are Provider for Mobile Services . Our company provides high quality, cross-carrier SMS services to businesses worldwide. The company's Mobile network extends to over 420 wireless carriers in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the US.
We offer wide range of advanced ICT (Information & Communications Technology) products and services. We have the required technical expertise and experience to accomplish our commitments on time and cost-effective manner. Other than subscribe and become the end-user, you can also resell the sms system. The subscriber can resell all products of the company and get incentive.
 Introducing new powerful tool Sub Email Keyword
Sub Email Keyword(SEK) is a powerful reponse tool which delivers SMS and Email to customers request.
Earlier Sub Keyword aka Responce Code will response the client request by SMS only, but now SEK is much effecient because customers will receive email.
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